Thursday, June 25, 2015

Psycho bonkers for Psycho Bonkers

In Psycho Bonkers you'll meet Shine, Shiza, and Gabbo; driver, sentient car, and reliable robot friend, respectively. In the midst of racing on a futuristic, dangerous course, Shine's story unfolds. Her story is one of sorrow, triumph, friendship, and surprise (big surprise in issue 2!).

Life lobs challenges at Shine, and Shine hurls herself right back at those challenges.

As an all-ages book Psycho Bonkers addresses loss and overcoming adversity. Whether intentional or not, it works. Many a young reader -- and adults like myself -- will enjoy this book. The story moves quickly, the characters are delightful and the art and colors are like candy for the eyes.

Editor's Note: There's one issue left on the shelf here at Empire's Comics Vault as of this writing. If you want it, let Ben know and he can order more for you.

About Psycho Bonkers
Published by Aspen Comics
Story by Vince Hernandez
Candy, I mean, colors by Federico Blee
Pencils & inks by Adam Archer
Letters by Josh Reed