Thursday, June 25, 2015

Move over James Bond, Hello Dick Grayson

By Ron of the Empire

Having read and enjoyed Convergence, I thought I'd give a few DC Comics titles a try.

I started with Grayson, issue 9. It reads like a spy thriller, codenames and all, and that's not a bad thing. With so many Robins around, this is a refreshing take on an old favorite. It also represents a refreshing break from heavy hero-villain storylines. Let's hope it stays that way for a while.

Not having read the first eight issues, I'm finding a few characters that are unfamiliar to me, however I'm certain I'll quickly become acquainted with them in the upcoming issues, which, incidentally, I'm looking forward to.

With this new take on Dick Grayson, suddenly his old school name fits perfectly (you may remember the tiring and now nearly three years old online conversation about whether his name should be changed). In fact, you can practically imagine him introducing himself in a Bondesque manner:

"Grayson. Dick Grayson."

My guess is that this spy prefers smokier spirit than martinis.

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