Thursday, June 25, 2015

Psycho bonkers for Psycho Bonkers

In Psycho Bonkers you'll meet Shine, Shiza, and Gabbo; driver, sentient car, and reliable robot friend, respectively. In the midst of racing on a futuristic, dangerous course, Shine's story unfolds. Her story is one of sorrow, triumph, friendship, and surprise (big surprise in issue 2!).

Life lobs challenges at Shine, and Shine hurls herself right back at those challenges.

As an all-ages book Psycho Bonkers addresses loss and overcoming adversity. Whether intentional or not, it works. Many a young reader -- and adults like myself -- will enjoy this book. The story moves quickly, the characters are delightful and the art and colors are like candy for the eyes.

Editor's Note: There's one issue left on the shelf here at Empire's Comics Vault as of this writing. If you want it, let Ben know and he can order more for you.

About Psycho Bonkers
Published by Aspen Comics
Story by Vince Hernandez
Candy, I mean, colors by Federico Blee
Pencils & inks by Adam Archer
Letters by Josh Reed

Move over James Bond, Hello Dick Grayson

By Ron of the Empire

Having read and enjoyed Convergence, I thought I'd give a few DC Comics titles a try.

I started with Grayson, issue 9. It reads like a spy thriller, codenames and all, and that's not a bad thing. With so many Robins around, this is a refreshing take on an old favorite. It also represents a refreshing break from heavy hero-villain storylines. Let's hope it stays that way for a while.

Not having read the first eight issues, I'm finding a few characters that are unfamiliar to me, however I'm certain I'll quickly become acquainted with them in the upcoming issues, which, incidentally, I'm looking forward to.

With this new take on Dick Grayson, suddenly his old school name fits perfectly (you may remember the tiring and now nearly three years old online conversation about whether his name should be changed). In fact, you can practically imagine him introducing himself in a Bondesque manner:

"Grayson. Dick Grayson."

My guess is that this spy prefers smokier spirit than martinis.

E3, 3D Holographic Minecraft, and Fallout 4 with Short Nerdy Guy

Get your E3 update right here with Sacramento's own Jay Wheeler, aka, Short Nerdy Guy. When he updates you on the 3D holographic Minecraft, you'll suddenly realize, "the future is now."

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sacramento Superdad empowers girls to be superheroes

John Marcotte, founder of Heroic Girls, wants to "make the world a slightly better place" for his girls, Anya and Stella. What's more, he wants to empower girls to be the superheroes that they are.

His TEDxSacramento talk has been viewed more than 11,000 times. We're proud to call John one of Empire's Comics Vault's fans and customers; and even more proud of the ideas he shares. Please enjoy what John has to share and feel free to pay it forward.

For a list of references he used in his talk, visit his post at

Episode 19 - The Secret Convergence Wars

This episode's superstars include permanent guest host Jacob DeSersa, regulars Patrick Clarke and Tony Asaro, and first time guest (and DC fan) Matt Traverso.

Marvel's Secret Wars vs. DC Comics' Convergence

We from actors doing role research by reading comics to Secret Wars and Convergence. Then, we share our favorite comic book genres and what we're looking forward to reading this week.

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Short Nerdy Guy talks Game of Thrones and Black Widow merchandise

Short Nerdy Guy talks about Marvel skipping ComicCon and that baby thing on Game of Thrones.

#WheresNatasha? Right here

Then, in another SNG episode, Jay discusses the new Ant-Man poster, Constantine being cancelled, Butterfield's not in the running to be Spider-Man anymore and Black Widow and Scarlet Witch merchandise coming soon.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Episode 18 - The Pros, the Comic Cons and Limited Series Comic Books

Talking about the Pros at the Comic Cons and also Limited Series Comic Books

Limited series comic books are all the rage and completely accessible. You get in, you get out, and if all turns out well, you get a good story. Plus, what's this "Con Madness" all about? You'll find out right here with permanent guest host Jacob DeSersa and regular guests Patrick Clarke and Tony Asaro.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Fallout 4 trailer and SacAnime with ShortNerdyGuy

Jay Wheeler of ShortNerdyGuy brings you two new episodes for your viewing pleasure.

Fallout 4 trailer

Also in this video:

  • What kind of plush toys did Jay have as a child
  • Netflix news


Also in this video:
- SacAnime guests
- Lots of gushing about Power Rangers, of course. I mean, it's Jay.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Episode 17 - Reviewing 2015 Eisner Nominees

Hear some of the highlights from this year's Eisner nominees. Get predictions from Permanent Guest Host Jacob DeSersa and podcast regular Tony Asaro. And the winners are...

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

KungFury Kickstarter movie impresses

KungFury looks KungAwesome

Jay brings you some news from the indie and non-indie movie world as he talks about KungFury and Justice League.

We can't wait to see KungFury!

Thanks, Jay.

Episode 16 - #Name3Artists on Empire's Comics Podcast

Time to #Name3Artists

Gail Simone asked fans to #Name3Artists comics work they buy even if they don't know or like the writer or subject matter. Permanent guest host Jacob DeSersa and guests share their favorite artists. With Jake are Tony Asaro, Patrick Clarke, John Thomason, and Cameron Mosbarger.