Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ben and Jake review hot sauces Made in Hell and Liquid Arson

"Second Thoughts..."

Comic Books and Hot Sauce

If you Empire’s Comics Vault owner Ben Schwartz, then you know he loves hot sauce, among other things.

So, hot sauce reviews make total sense. 

Ben is joined by comic shop fan Jacob “Jake” DeSersa, or @JakeFatal on Instagram, who, it turns out, loves music.

And what do you know? Many bands put out their own hot sauces.

So here we go!

We’re reviewing two hot sauces in this video:
1. Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein’s (link to music) Made in Hell Hot Sauce (link to sauce)
2. Tony Foresta’s (link to music) Liquid Arson Hot Sauce (link to sauce)


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