Saturday, April 26, 2014

Wolverine - Issue 1 - April 2014

By Ron of the Empire

A few things have changed for Wolverine. He's lost his healing factor. He's using a gun. He's wearing armor with retractable claws.

But some things haven't changed: His stupid fearlessness, for one, and also his typical stubbornness.

In this first issue, Wolverine is running a job for The Offer (not as in offing people, but "offer you can't refuse"). You'll meet the crew that's with him, run in to old friends Storm and Natasha Romanova, aka, Black Widow, and see how he's dealing with his new limitations.

The art is good all around and the issue has good pacing.

Storyline: Rogue Logan, part 1 of 4
Writer: Paul Cornell
Pencils: Mark Morales
Inks: David Curiel
Colors: VC's Cory Petit

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