Wednesday, April 30, 2014

FCBD 2014 Title: Skyward plus Midnight Tiger

By Ron of the Empire

This Free Comic Book Day comic is a 2-in-1 book: Skyward and Midnight Tiger (visit FCBD website to download a free preview of this book). Both titles are published by Action Lab Comics.

Swing by Saturday, May 3, to pick up your copy. Doors open at 9:00 am. Experience our FCBD Mini-Con!

Both books seem appropriate for older kids, however, parents may wish to preview them before passing them on to their children.


This fantasy adventure revolves around young Quinn whose life is about get turned upside down. The FCBD titles features a brief story, Past Sins, that brings you into the world of Skyward and prepares you for a great adventure. The beauty of this book is that there are already three volumes for you to explore.

Story and art: Jeremy Dale
Colors: James Rochelle
Color flats: Hoyt Silva
Letters: Thom Zahler
Cover: Jeremy Dale, Ray Height, Laura Martin

Midnight Tiger

You'll enjoy the "The Origin of Midnight Tiger." Midnight Tiger opens with friends Dex and Gavin discussing the world of metahumans around them. In a later scene, Gavin wanders into a metahuman fight, and that leads to Gavin becoming a hero himself. Watch for more Midnight Tiger this July 2014.

Plot/art: Ray-Anthony Height
Script: DeWayne Feenstra
Colors: Paul Little
Letters: Erica Schulte
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