Saturday, February 15, 2014

Does Superman have the right?

Okay, so I'm finally watching Justice League for the very first time. The first three episodes are a three-part story that ends with the scene you see pictured.

Superman says to Martian Manhunter, "We'd be pleased if you could learn to call earth your home." In other words, one extraterrestrial is inviting another extraterrestrial to call earth his home. And that begs the question, does Superman have the right? What do you think?

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  1. I guess it kind of matters on ones political point of view, but I view Justice League members in the DC universe as being a form of international law enforcement with an 'unspoken' exemption from many citizenship boundaries or given 'honorary' citizenship status. The whole 'common good' philosophy that Superman has used to justify his own immigration to our world comes to play also (the whole 'I'm a citizen of Earth' angle). Besides, if Superman vouches for you, who's going to say 'no' to Superman. But I'm pretty sure in the long run, having US citizenship (green card), passport, international visa and 'home address' is just good PR for a hero and helping develop trust among general citizens. He's a green skinned 'Martian' for Pete's sake, it could be a hard sell without Superman's intervention.

  2. Why wouldn't he?