Friday, November 9, 2012

Top 5 Christmas Themed Comic Book Covers

By Nathan Weber

As a fan of comic books and as one of those annoying Christmas lovers, I thought it would be appropriate to inaugurate my first post on Empire’s Open Vault with a list of my top 5 favorite Christmas covers of all time and why they made my list.

#5 - Marvel Age #5 featuring Groo the Wanderer

The facial expressions of terrorized elves bring this Sergio Aragonés ‘Groo’ cover to the list.



#4 - Marvel Holiday Special #1 (2005)

This recent addition to my list is a beautiful Fantastic Four cover by Stuart Immonen.



#3 - Amazing Spider-Man #314

A classic Amazing Spider Man cover by Todd McFarlane from 1989, ‘Amazing Spider Man #314,’ always struck me as a funny take on Spider-Man. From the snow capped masthead to the expression on Santa’s face, I’ve always remembered this cover when it comes to the Christmas theme.



#2 - Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special #1

Who can forget the famous ‘Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special #1’ cover from DC’s Simon Bisley, which pushed the line, featuring Lobo holding a bloody knife and standing over a slaughtered Santa Clause. With no real context to the cover, the cover art is poised somewhere between disturbing and hitting its dark form of humor, recognizable only to those familiar with the character.


And #1 should come as no surprise...


#1 - Peter Parker #112

I even had a poster of this Rick Buckler cover that I’d pull out during the holidays for many years.


Happy Holidays everyone.



About The Author


Nathan Weber, originally from the Pacific Northwest city of Portland Oregon, where he was born and raised, currently lives in Sacramento California with his longtime girlfriend Marni, and his Calico cat Karlie in semi-retirement. Somewhat a lone wolf, Nathan enjoys his free time at home lost in his own imagination, reading science books, watching sci-fi movies, practicing Buddhism, and outside, riding his mountain bike in the natural setting of the local Discovery Park area.

Creatively, Nathan has been developing his own home brew independent comic book series called Stormseeker and its related companion material. In the past he has written under various monikers and pen names, published a number of role playing campaign books and helped playtest and write a published science fiction role playing game.

Outside of creative works, Nathan is a Graphic Designer, Digital Artist, Computer Enthusiast, Successful Business Owner, as well as being a die hard lifelong hobbyist of anything that could be considered a hobby. Recently Nathan has returned to comic book collecting as a side hobby, a hobby he’s engaged in on and off since 1982.

Twitter: @nerostorm





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