Friday, November 9, 2012

Revisiting Morning Glories

By Kevin Winter
One of my first posts was about the comic Morning Glories, one of the biggest hits in the comic industry in 2010/2011, and I wrote about how it was losing its mojo and becoming boring.  Now a few issues beyond that post I am here to provide an updated report through issue 14.

The Glory of The StoryThankfully we have gotten off of the track of each issue focusing on an individual character instead of the overall story arc with individual snippets thrown in about each character.  That long run really threw off people reading the comic and enjoying the true plot line.
Now we are into a new story arc and this one covering P.E., but of course this is not normal P.E.  But is it better than it was before?  The answer is a bit of yes and no.

For yes the answer is clear that we are beyond that horrible arc of stories and back into the more sadistic, evil teachers and innocent students fighting them.  At the same time, it has gotten a bit off track, and I think the writer has bitten off more than he can chew.

The Gory of The Story
It is turning into a Lost type comic, with multiple complicated story arcs going off at once,  with none really resolving, just getting more and more complicated.

 With time travel, traveling through dimensions, and an overbearing Headmaster who we never see, but everyone is afraid of.
It seems that they are going for the more confusing story arc because they seem a bit lost on the direction to go.  They need to find it quickly. On the current vein they will confuse all their readers, including me. Normally, I can handle complex, complicated stories easily, but even I am getting confused.  

With so many characters all at once, it will be hard to follow unless we read the collection editions all at once. Furthermore, oftentimes we do not see the same story from issue to issue.

The Verdict
So my judgment for Morning Glories is: Continue to read it, but be ready to bail.


About The Author
Kevin Winter is someone with an opinion about almost everything. A comic fan of several years, he can be seen around Empire's Comics Vault on Wednesdays, and generally spouting an opinion (if anyone wants to hear it or not)...  also trying not to get on Ben's bad side.

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