Friday, November 9, 2012

Review: Stormwatch, Issue 1

By RonOfTheEmpire

I'm curious about Stormwatch. I had never read it before this New 52 issue, so I'm unfamiliar with its previous incarnation. I am however a Martian Manhunter fan, so they've got me there.


The Stormwatch team goes on a recruiting mission, but the mission goes awry. "Apollo" spurns Stormwatch's advances and then receives another offer.

Issue one introduces you to Stormwatch's mission - "Protecting the world from alien threats" - and current threats to Earth's security.

Is Superman included as an "alien threat?" Is Stormwatch more than Earth's protector, perhaps a watchdog, protecting Earth from its own "superheroes?"


As with some other overhauled books in the New 52 library, this book offers 22 pages of introduction and set up, but it holds the promise of being an enjoyable sci-fi adventure. The issue moves at a good clip and keeps your interest. Let's hope issue 2 goes deep enough to keep us hanging on. As of this post, there are four issues available. The 5th issue hits stands in January.


Issue Date: November 2011

Rated T+


Writer: Paul Cornell

Artist: Miguel Sepulveda


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