Sunday, November 4, 2012

Is Chew Still An Independent Title?

by Kevin Winter
Chew On This 
Chew is one the biggest indie titles in comics. It started off the way most indie books start - without a lot of fanfare or press. But it soon caught on, and all of a sudden, everyone wanted a copy of Chew.
What It’s About
For those of you that have been hiding under a rock - or in DC's comics - you should know the basic storyline of the comic. A man who works for the FDA can tell the life story of food, and other things, just by eating them. His special ability is only known by a few people.

Is Chew Still An Independent Title?
Today I am going to try to tackle a difficult question. Is Chew an independent title still?  Many people will argue that it is, but I might have a different answer.

It feels like the comic is starting to lose its indie ethos, the ability not to fall into the Marvel/DC trap of keeping the comic going and going without an end. Fans of indie titles generally avoid ongoing, mainstream titles because they never seem to have an end point. That is why we read indie titles.


With or Without
ChewBut I feel that Chew is losing that. It is going into the ongoing. There does not seem to be an end in sight. Also, the brilliance that made it popular is starting to fade, with the creators playing it safe at times. Furthermore, the writing is getting complicated and difficult to follow.
The idea that Chew will go on forever should escape everyone's minds immediately.  Chew needs an ending, it does not need to go on forever. Hopefully it can regain some of its indie spirit before it loses its indie fans who will move on to new books.
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Kevin Winter is someone with an opinion about almost anything. If you find him around town, you can ask for an opinion and he will give you an honest one.  A graduate of Sacramento State, he spends his time telling people they are wrong, writing letters to his national leaders, and generally being a pain in the ass.  A comic fan, not for life, but for several years, he can be seen around Empire's Comics Vault on Wednesday's during the day, and generally spouting an opinion (if anyone wants to hear it or not)...  also trying not to get on Ben's bad side.
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