Friday, November 9, 2012

Has Morning Glories Lost Its Mojo?

by Kevin Winter

Morning Glories is one of the more controversial comics on the market today. While not as controversial as Crossed, it still goes in a direction you would not find at Marvel or DC. But the point I am going to bring up today is this:

Has Morning Glories lost its mojo?


Art by Rodin Esquejo

It used to be exciting, with some action. The story used to move along a specific point, with excellent cliff hangers, but several issues ago we left a major cliff hanger right around the time we would have found out a major secret. Suddenly the book changed course, featuring single issue character stories. It began to focus on the individual students. While I am not against that, perhaps spreading those stories out, one or two at a time, would have been better.

Bring the Glory Back

These issues have done more to derail the story and the flow of the comics than anything else they could have done. It feels as if Morning Glories is losing the mojo that it had at the beginning. Hopefully they will leave these character driven issues and get back to what made it great before indie readers move on to something else.

If Morning Glories continues along these lines, then I feel we will not get to see the end because quite a few people will abandoned the book.


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