Friday, November 9, 2012

Dearest Dark Knight - Be My Valentine Contest - 2nd Place Winner

"An Ode to a Knight" by Jacob DeSersa


The blackest cowl upon your head

excites me like no other

your batarangs and grappling hooks

cause my heart to flutter

The greatest of hero's i would say

takes on the guise of a bat

his skills, his cunning, and charming grace

can always go un-matched

regular men and hero's alike

tremble at your very thought

the kryptonian, lantern, and atlatean too

the fear over them you've brought

you swoop over gotham, wings out stretched

instilling terror in some, hope in others at your very sight

for this is ode to you, the batman

the mightiest, and darkest, of knights


Congratulations to our 2nd place winner - Jake, the drummer in Seeker, Sacramento's own ultimate punk rock band! Even before he submitted his entry, there was no doubt in our mind that he would be writing to the Dark Knight. That's loyalty! Another post hits tomorrow. And if you missed this contest, be sure to read up on limericks for our next contest that's starting in a couple of days.

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