Friday, November 9, 2012

Dear Shulkie -- Be My Valentine Contest - Honorable Mention

Dear Shulkie by Brian Caylor


Dear Shulkie (can I call you Shulkie? Jen? Just She-Hulk? Okay.) --  

Dear She-Hulk, 

It’s Valentine’s Day and I just wanted to share with you a poem that I wrote just for you.

         Apples are red

         Bruises are blue

         Boogers are Green

         And so are you

Okay, I admit I’m no Shel Silverstein, but do I get an A for effort? I could settle for a B+.

Happy Valentine’s Day She-Hulk!



She-Hulk is the only one to receive two Valentines in our contest! So, in this contest, she wins the award for Best Loved Valentine. You can see how excited she is about this in the picture she took for us above. <GRIN> Both entries are funny, so be sure to read both Valentines to She-Hulk.

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