Friday, November 9, 2012

Dear Ms. Kane - Be My Valentine Contest - Honorable Mention

Dear Ms. Kane by Minnie Saucedo

Ms. Kane,
Your actions as Flamebird have made you a true hero in my eyes. I know you sometimes struggle with your worth as a crime fighter since it appears Batman, Nightwing and even your partner Batwoman seem to forget everything you've done. But I haven't. I see you, Bette. And you're kind and strong and so much smarter than people believe. Bette Kane, you are the most beautiful woman—inside and out—to ever grace Gotham City's drab streets. Let me show you just how amazing you really are in my eyes... Be my Valentine? 
Sincerely yours,
E. “Minnie” Saucedo
I wish I had received a Valentine like this, so Hoorah for Bette! She's in good company, in particular, with Batman and Nightwing who also received Valentine's letters. Remember those cheesy little Valentine's cards we used to pass out in the 1st grade? Ok, last thing, we're one entry away from the First Place Winner. Get ready.

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