Friday, November 9, 2012

DC Comics' DIAL H - Issue 2 - Comic Book Review

By RonOfTheEmpire
Rating: Teen
DIAL H proves itself to be a schizophrenic rollercoaster ride, and it's fun. An out-of-shape man who knows he's wasting his life stumbles upon a phone booth that turns him into a different "hero" each time he uses it.


Each time he becomes a different hero -- "Double Bluff," "Control-Alt-Delete," "Shamanticore," and my favorite, "Iron Snail," to name a few -- he keep the memories, but slowly, seems to be losing his own identity.Still, there's nothing better than not being a loser. There's nothing better than being a hero, right?


In this issue, our antihero, Nelse, confronts strange enemies and faces a frightening decision -- Trust a former foe and learn the secrets of the power-granting phone booth, or go it alone.
Mateus Santolouco's art feels gritty, perfectly matching the tone of the book and the anithero's situation. China Miélville' writing brings the characters to life. The combination of words and art provides pacing that'll make you wish you had issue three in your hands right now. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait.
Being published by DC Comics does not prevent this book from reading like, looking like and feeling a lot like an indie title.
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