Sunday, November 4, 2012

Agree or Disagree But Please Do So Respectfully

In the spirit of open disclosure, we're pleased to let you know that we've just added commenting guidelines to Empire's Open Vault.
Perhaps you're wondering why?
Well, that's an easy one. Every blog should have commenting guidelines. But more than that, it's because comic book fans are a passionate group of people who love debating the Pros and Cons of books, movies, music, pop culture and so on, and as the fates would have it, we don't all see eye-to-eye.
So, to honor all the contributors who put thought, time and effort into writing and submitting a post or comment, we decided to write down some basic rules of play for the "honorable treatment of contributors."

I don't know if it's reality TV or playground conditioning, but sometimes it's easy to forget to play nice. Take it from me. At my elementary school, I was the thick-eye-glasses-wearing, Mexican-Italian-Puerto Rican fat kid on welfare who was always picked last for any team sport. Me and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer had lots in common. Needless to say, many a cruel word passed through my ears - and my heart.
We never want our contributors to experience that. Our vision for Empire's Open Vault, like that of the shop, is to welcome a diversity of perspectives and opinions and to enjoy respectful conversation. We hope you'll join us in that vision.
Commenting Guidelines
1. Personal Attacks: Pesonal attacks, name calling and threats will not be tolerated, whether to an author, other commenters, or any other person. Such comments will be removed. We won't always agree on things; however, we do have in common that each of us appreciates being addressed politely and being treated with dignity.
2. Hate speech: Racism, sexism and homophobia will not be tolerated.
3. Language: We reserve the right to remove comments containing profanity. While some of the comics or movies talked about in a post may be for mature audiences, every post on this community blog is intended for general audiences and should be all ages appropriate.
4. No Spam: "Buy this. Buy that. Check out my link." Comments like that will be deleted. If you leave an on-topic comment that includes a link to a relevant article on another site, including your own, then you're cool - no worries. We like that. But we hate junk mail and we hate junk comments.
5. Add Quality: Empire's Open Vault is where we can have some amazing comics-related and pop culture conversations. Please jump in and add comments that shed more light on a topic or help us see something from a different perspective. Broaden our horizons. If you disagree with the author of a post, then respectfully disagree in the comments and say why you see it differently. Better yet, write and submit a post with an opposing view. In other words, help make Empire's Open Vault better through your comments (and, we hope, your post submissions).
Note: *Mashable's commenting guidelines served as a template for ours. Thank you, Mashable.*

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